How To Maintain Your Carpet Clean If You Have Pets At Home?

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How To Maintain Your Carpet Clean If You Have Pets At Home?

Owning a pet is one of the beautiful feelings. But, what if you have beautiful carpeting too? Let’s face it, when you have pets at home, carpet cleaning is a difficult process. Whether you have a dog or cat, they chew up your carpet and damages it to another extension. Also, they spread hair or dander all over the carpet. Therefore, it is suggested to do vacuuming twice per week.

It is also ideal to use a carpet with a medium tone or having dark colors to hide some pet dirt. Being a carpet and pet owner, you face challenges on maintaining the carpet. Just keep an eye on some common issues encountered on your carpet like stubborn urine odor or fine strands of pet hair and much more. And these stains are not possible to remove just by vacuuming.

So, What To Do If You Have a Pet in a Carpeted Home?

Use a carpet cleaner which is pet-friendly

If your pet has spilled or drops something on your clean carpet, then you need to clean it quickly to prevent the stain particles from penetrating the carpet. Therefore, ensure that you remove the moisture and the debris first. And then use a pet-friendly carpet cleaner that causes no harm to your pets.

Never forget to toilet training your pet

By toilet training your pet you can prevent them from urinating all over the house. And if your pets are not trained then they might end up creating spots on your carpets which can be difficult to treat.

Ensure that your pet’s nails are trimmed

Pets having long nails can cause damage to your carpet. This is because when the pets run around in your house, they snag the carpet. As a result, it ruins your carpet fabrics. Therefore, always ensure that your pet’s nails are trimmed.

Hire a Reputable Carpet Cleaning Company

Using the cleaning products purchased from outside cannot remove the tough stains. So, it is essential to hire a reputable carpet cleaning company providing quality cleaning result. It is suggested to clean your carpet with the help of professionals two or three times per year.

Furthermore, a carpet cleaning service not only removes stains but also prolong the life of your carpet. If you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning service provider in Imperial Beach, then you need to contact Reliable Carpet Care. We use eco-friendly carpet cleaning products which causes none harm to you and your pets.

Get in touch with us at (619) 862-7842 and book your next carpet cleaning evening and weekend appointments.

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